Reborn baby dolls

The term Reborn Doll refers to a vinyl baby doll, that has been customized by a process of repainting and enhancement to resemble a human baby.

The process of creating a Reborn Doll is referred to as Reborning.

The exterior is painted using various techniques with Genesis heat set paints to add the appearance of translucent skin tones and effects such as veins, blotching, and "milk-spots" to resemble the skin of a newborn baby.

- Hair and eyelashes, usually of fine mohair are applied using rooting tools, or felting needles.

- The body is stuffed with  poly fill and glass beads and weighted.

- A magnet may be attached inside the mouth for attaching a magnetic pacifier. Additional enhancements may include a magnetically attached "umbilical cord", a battery powered heartbeat simulator, breathing simulator, and heat packs.

Once completed the Reborn doll is no longer suitable as a child's play doll.

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