Pictures  and letters below are sent back from proud Parents to Little Possum Nursery.

It makes me always feel good when one of my babies has found perfect parent!

*Pictures  are added with adoptive parent permission!*


   Hi, I  wanted to say that this little one has gorgeous eyes & hair. The eyes are very captivating. One of the nicest looking Luca's I've seen. Thanks! Maria
 amazing,the baby book and all pictures are fantastic AAAAA++++++++ super seller* eveilnana7

The most beautiful person i have ever come across. Baby is awsome thank you!

 dolly hugs and kisses lily is the best she fits right in with family star seller

Elsalill is cute as a button thanx


Hi Emme
              Just wanted to show you Jacenta in her Xmas outfit,I take her to my son's bus this morning & the bus driver
& his helper thought I had a new baby..
I can't thank you enough for giving me the chance to have this special little girl in my life..
Take care


  She is absolutely beautiful...MORE than I could have imagined!!!  You do beautiful work, she is so precious, I love the veining in her face.  My husband even loves her, and thinks that she is really cute (and that is something for him to say it).  I will get you a picture of me holding her when I get a chance.  But REALLY....GORGEOUS!!  So she is here and THANK YOU!  My first reborn I LOVE her, and she is better than pics.  I'm sure now that I'll get more, or even try to reborn one myself.  But she is SPECIAL because she's my first and very precious.  I can't thank you enough for your undestanding and your beautiful talent.

Love Sharon

Lainey is one very lucky girl...she found perfect Mommy and ..and  she has her  own cot! WOW!

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