My name is  Raili .

I`m reborn artist behind my babies.

I am married to a wonderful man named Sergei and we live in Melbourne, Australia

I am a registered nurse and work in local hospital.

 I’m a also a mommy to one of the most cutest beautiful little boy  .

I own a collection of dolls: porcelain lady dolls, reborns and teddy bears. I became interested in reborning a couple of years ago.  I decided that I would like to take a hand in reborning as well. 

I needed name for my nursery and couldn’t decide.

Little after I read sad story about small baby possum who was found inside his dead mothers pouch.... alive.

Little miracle!

Therefore...'Little Possum Reborn Nursery' was created.

My son is my main inspiration and my desire to create these wonderful baby dolls.

Reborning is art from heart!

From my heart to yours!

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